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Over the course of my professional experience, I’ve helped businesses secure multi-million-dollar client contracts, gather solid leads, and generate millions of dollars in sales year-over-year. I’ve trained over 50 agencies and internal teams in various visual brand identities, created assets in 14 languages, and provided my employers with ways to save budget dollars by taking a hands-on approach to everything I do. I’ve had the opportunity to set up photo/video studios for expanding in-house creative and marketing abilities, saving tens of thousands of dollars on vendor costs. I bring experience in brand identity, graphic design and layout, creative direction and strategy, project management, and team leadership to elevate a business’s creative output and marketing strategy. I’m dedicated to continuous improvement through learning, and I enjoy creating new ways to push the threshold of industry standards finding innovative solutions to solve any problem.

Currently, I am available for contract, freelance, or full-time opportunities.

If your business is ready to up its branding and creative output contact me at matthew@matthewmarkmcmaster